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A Guide on How to Manage Stress

Nowadays, heart diseases and strokes are became one of the most common causes of deaths. Every year, one out of three dies men due to heart diseases and strokes. But, these deaths can be prevented through making changes in life style. Regular healthy diets, physical exercises and reducing the use of alcohol and tobacco are some crucial points that can help in reduce the risks of heart diseases. But stress is one of the most important factors that are hard to manage and can lead to heart disease. The doctors have not clear about the relation between stress and heart diseases. But, the research has proved that stress can lead to heart diseases. Here’s an example, when a person passed through stressful situations, a higher blood pressure and quickening heart beat can be found in his body. If he faced these conditions on regular basis, it can damage the artery walls. In addition, if the stress isn’t managed properly, it can lead to heart diseases and strokes. Most people smoke and use alcohol to reduce the stress level but it affects them negatively. But smoking and alcohol consumption can raise the risks of heart diseases and strokes. Lack of sleep and exercises can also lead to heart diseases.

Today, through this post, Absolute health and wellness clinic will guide you how to manage the stress. We wish you to have a healthier and stress free life.

  1. Try to say “No” – We can reduce stress level by un-accepting the extra responsibilities. Try to say “No” to people. We know it is hard to say no to your dear one or friends or boss, but by saying “no” you can lower your stress level. Always remember stress can lead to death.
  2. Breathe Deeply: When you found yourself in an immediate stressful situation, breathe deeply. Your focus on breath will change your mood and relieve you from stress.
  3. Take some exercises: Physical exercises play an important role in releasing muscle tensions and soothe the body pains. Taking some exercises is a great way to remove stress from your mind. Your brain starts rethink or re focus and making ways to handle the stressful situations during physical activities. Endorphins which refresh the brain can be released through physical exercises.
  4. Take some time to relax: Taking some time to relax is one of the best options to manage the stress. Try to take minimum 15 to 20 minutes for meditation, reading book or do some yoga in a day.
  5. Spend Some Time with Family and Friends: Did you know talking with your friends, family and your dear ones can help you in managing your stress? The research has shown when a man starts talking with his friends and family members, then brain releases endorphin which instantly change your mood from stressful situation to another. So, try to spend your time with family or friends.
  6. Use chiropractic care: Chiropractic is one of the most useful treatments that help in getting relief from stress. When a chiropractor performs his treatment, he does some manual adjustments in our spine system to release muscle tension and contraction.

Stress is one of the most important issues which can lead to death, if it is not managed properly. Learning about stress management helps you in reducing the stress and its effects in body and also reducing the risks of heart.

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