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Quality chiropractic care with one on one chiropractic treatments. Our multi-disciplinary clinic is your home for chiropractic, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, acupuncture and active rehabilitation.

Chiropractic Care

Spine and alignment issues
Back pain treatment
Drug-free alternative
Certified and regulated
Neck pain and headache relief
Hands-on health care


Promoting optimal mobility
Preventing disease and injury
Managing acute chronic conditions
Optimal functional independence
Rehabilitating injury
Preventing reoccurrence 

Massage Therapy

Simple or full-body massage
Reduce pain and stress
Improved blood circulation
Increases mobility
Pain management solution
Registered Massage Therapists


Holistic health that looks at the body as a whole.
Identify and address causes of problems, not symptoms.
Uses gentle, non-invasive techniques to help the body heal.
Effective for a wide range of both physical & emotional concerns.
Safe and can be used by people of all ages.
Can be used either alone or in conjunction with other therapies.


A natural treatment that does not use drugs or surgery.
Treat a wide variety of conditions, including pain, anxiety, and infertility.
Affordable treatment option often covered by insurance.
Safe treatment that does not cause side effects.
Can be used alone or in combination with other treatments.
Has been shown to be effective in many clinical studies.


Meet The Absolute Health Clinic Team

  • Dr. Maninder Badyal, 

    D.C. - Doctor of Chiropractic
    Dr. Maninder Badyal is the founder of Absolute Health & Wellness Clinic and has been in full time practice in the lower mainland since 2005. Dr. Badyal achieved his Bachelor of Science degree from the University College of the Cariboo in Kamloops, B.C.
  • Jeffery Chen

    R.TCM.P - Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
    R.Ac - Registered Accupuncturist
    Jeffery comes from a traditional Asian family, and is deeply attracted to the ancient Chines culture and the profound wisdom from the ancient medical classics. Jeffrey’s treatment process involves in-depth investigation to find out the root of ailments; which may include detailed consultation, observation and palpation to identify blockage of the circulation and weak spots of the body. The develop effective healing therapy using different treatment modalities to activate blood circulation and restore body’s self-healing function. Jeffery is dedicated to caring for his patient’s health and wellness..
  • Nansy Dhinga

    Licensed physical therapist with the Masters of Physiotherapy in Neurology. Specializing in whiplash injuries (WAD), repetitive strains, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Post-op rehab, Stroke rehab, Neurological disorders and Chronic pain. Nansy loves to be active including yoga, running and working out. She also believes in running a balanced lifestyle and the importance of spending time with family and friends.
    One of the things Nansy likes the most about her job is never knowing what injury will come in next, this keeps the job exciting. Nansy is accepting new patients including ICBC, Worksafe, and Private patients.
  • Tyler Tan

    R.M.T. - Registered Massage Therapist
    Check back soon to learn more about Tyler.
  • Mukal Kaushik

    R.Kin. - Registered Kinesiologist
    Check back soon to learn more about Mukal.

What Your Neighbours Are Saying About Us

Rajinder Sangha
Rajinder Sangha
July 6, 2022.
My husband is taking treatment from this clinic. Everybody is very professional also he is allmost back to his normal duties. I will recommend this place to everyone. Front desk is very helpful,she always accomodate us on very short notice. Keep it up
Diamond Huynh
Diamond Huynh
June 11, 2022.
Physiotherapist Nansy Dhingra was very kind and informative! Would recommend her - felt like it was an efficient appointment. I felt well taken care of with Nansy. Stumbled across this location through my school plan! They provide major discounts for students via their student network plan (SNP). Would give 5/5 stars if the lady at the front desk wasn't so cold. I felt like the way she addressed my questions was condescending and overall vibes weren't professional.
Official Sophie Gahir
Official Sophie Gahir
April 2, 2022.
I've been seeing Nansy for back pain and I find that my pain has reduced significantly. She is very knowledgeable with the various treatments needed. They're clinic staff is very efficient and friendly. It's always a positive experience.
Kamal Bajwa
Kamal Bajwa
April 1, 2022.
I went there in regards to my ICBC claim for all of the therapies. I am feeling so much better and already back to my normal duties. Front desk is very helpful, she accommodate me every time even on short notice. Would highly recommend this place! Best of luck guys keep it up !!
Sukhpal Sidhu
Sukhpal Sidhu
March 29, 2022.
Absolute wellness clinic one of the best in surrey receptionist jass she has really great service and smiles always on face like rose flower fragrance is n the clinic and happy mode for patients I very happy on jass service 50 % pain gone when you meet jass all the best jass
Vishal Verma
Vishal Verma
March 27, 2022.
I would highly recommend this place for Chiropractic treatment ! Front desk is amazing she helped me get in the same day as i was in so much pain. Would suggest this place mainly for students!! As they have amazing student discounts!!
Aman sadioura
Aman sadioura
March 27, 2022.
I have been there for the treatment regarding my WCB claim the physiotherapist is amazing I’m back to work in just two months I would highly recommend this place and the Front desk is amazing. Jass has given amazing customer service!!
Muskan Kalra
Muskan Kalra
March 24, 2022.
Was able to get in same day, best service and Jass is amazing with booking was able to work around my schedule to get me in for chiro and physio.
Gurmukhi Gilling Gills
Gurmukhi Gilling Gills
March 23, 2022.
Amazing staff with the best customer service!! I Would highly recommend this place.

Complete Leg & Foot Care

Because Legs & Feet Are Your Foundation


Orthotics are designed to align, straighten, and modify the structural and functional characteristics of your feet. At Absolute Health and Wellness Clinic, we provide custom orthotics that are specially designed to support and improve the alignment for feet.


Chronic venous insufficiency


Moderate to severe varicose veins


Swollen feet, ankles, and legs/ Edema


Schlerotherapy or, Lymphedema or, overweight issues.

Surgical Support Stockings

If you suffer from any of these conditions, you could benefit from wearing stockings.

Did You know...

We Also Work With These Insurers:


The British Columbia Medical Services Plan. To find out if we can bill MSP directly on your behalf, please get in touch today.


The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. All forms of treatment we offer is fully covered by ICBC. Get in touch for more. All treatment is covered regardless of fault. 


AKA "Workers Compensation Board". To find out if we can bill WorkSafe directly on your behalf, please get in touch today.


The Department of Veterans Affairs. To find out if we can bill Veterans Affairs directly on your behalf, get in touch today.


Royal Canadian Mounted Police. We bill RCMP directly for all RCMP members. Please get in touch today.

What Our Clients Are Saying


    After my car accident I was extreme neck and back pain. The treatment was exactly what I needed to return to my life without having any pain. Dr. Badyal's staff handled everything including the billing and dealing ICBC. I still return for regular visits even though I am completely pain free. Thank You Absolute Health & Wellness Clinic!


    I love coming for my regular massages at Absolute Health and Wellness Clinic. It is not only a massage but a lesson in better health every time I come into the office. Thank you Michelle for caring and your outstanding knowledge and skills.


    I have a great experience, with absolute health clinic, i was in trouble from past 5 years, even I can walk properly, but with 3 months I got great results, thanks absolute!

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